The Elder Scrolls Online will receive two new expansions this year

Summerset Isles

The Elder Scrolls Online will receive two expansions this year. There’ll be one dungeon-based DLC, Wolfhunter, based on werewolves (which featured in a questline in Skyrim).


The other expansion will focus more closely on story. That will be Murkmire, and will return the series to the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh. For those of you not paying attention during the Skyrim character creator, the Argonians were the lizard people who could breathe underwater.


Bethesda also announced that The Elder Scrolls Online now has over 11 million players, with one million of those arriving in the last year.


The Elder Scrolls Online is a great MMO, whether or not you’re a fan of the series, but here are some more excellent new MMOs.

You can check out a trailer below:

If you’re a fan of the The Elder Scrolls Online, it may also interest you to know that The Elder Scrolls VI was just revealed atBethesda’s E3 conference. We know almost nothing about it at this point, but I personally reckon that it’ll be set in Hammerfell, and that we won’t get to play it until 2020.