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The pet’s out of the bag: The Elder Scrolls Online gets an all new inventory system

The Elder Scrolls

Now freshly relieved of its monthly subscription charge, The Elder Scrolls Online continues to streamline every aspect of its MMORPG adventuring.

The latest word on the upcoming Update 6 goes into some detail about huge changes to the game’s inventory system, answering the age old question: what are you going to do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?

Well, Bethesda gon’ get you a collection screen instead, one that holds all of your mounts, pets and costumes in a separate and conveniently accessible place. Phew!

The new inventory system promises to free up loads of space in your pockets by taking all of these special items and squirreling them away to another bit of the user interface.

The collections window will hold three categories of item: mounts, vanity pets and costumes, allowing you to activate any of these things without having to hold the actual item in your inventory. Just obtain the item at any point in your game and it’ll automatically appear in your collection screen forever. Items that you haven’t yet obtained will be greyed out, with tooltips advising you on how to unlock them.

The change also affects how mounts work. Now all of your mounts will benefit from any skills you learn at stables, meaning you can swap and change your chosen mount while keeping abilities like improved riding speeds and carrying capacities. Those skills now belong to you, the rider, rather than the weird Yoshi-looking lizard thing you’ve decided to ride around on top of.

So mounts, pets and costumes are now less like rare items cluttering up your backpack, and more like collectibles to be discovered and unlocked. That also means no more traipsing to your vault to pick up your pets. Win win.

Here’s the full postfrom the Elder Scrolls blog. The Elder Scrolls Online: Update 6 is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.