Zenimax explain Undaunted Pledges: The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest round of dungeons

The Elder Scrolls Online

Perhaps you’ve never been to an American university, and don’t put much stock in greek letters beyond alpha and beta. Then you, too, will have have been left wondering what a ‘pledge’ is. It turns out they’re dungeon quests handed out to warriors once they reach level 45, with the promise of soul gems and shoulder pieces fashioned from the remains of slain monsters.

They don’t show you that in the teen moves. But they’ve been introduced to The Elder Scrolls Online in Update 5, and elucidated at length by Zenimax.

The Undaunted are one of ESO’s NPC guilds – armed potholers who colour many of the game’s group dungeons with dialogue. Since Update 5 went live in November, they’ve been found at new enclaves near capital cities.

They’ll contact players from there after level 45 with an offer: special loot for clearing out some of Tamriel’s “most dangerous locales”. Each pledge will require players to complete a particular dungeon, with the option of other objectives along the way for better rewards.

Finish pledges – at a limit of one per day – and you can return to the enclave for a bronze, silver or gold key according to performance. Each fits into the lock of a chest with contents of according quality – ranging from ornate-level items to unique item sets. But the very best will require those optional objectives to be completed – and to do that, you’ll need to have brought beefy enough friends.

Pledges come at two difficulty levels: non-veteran and veteran, unlocked at level 45 and veteran rank 1 respectively.

Are any of you lot eligible for a spot of violent spelunking? It’s next year’s Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 that intrigues more, with new systems for NPC murder and pickpocketing.