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The next Elder Scrolls game announced for DLC for a pinball game

Bethesda Pinball

Bethesda have decided to bring the next chapter in the Elder Scrolls story to PC by bundling the rich, detailed worlds of all their games into a DLC pack for Zen Pinball

For the actual games Bethesda is known for, see a couple of the best RPGs on PC.

I know, you're disappointed. We all are. But now you can be disappointed while pinging a ball around the mountains of Skyrim, or the hellscape of DOOM (2016), or the other hellscape of Fallout 4.

The themed tables will be included in the Bethesda Pinball Pack, arriving December 6 on Steam, Mac and Windows 10, and each features their own leaderboards as well as little missions to complete if you're actually good at pinball and can get it to go in a specific direction.

For the DOOM table, you take on hordes of demons, obviously, and Fallout and Skyrim feature loose approximations of each RPG with loot crafting and collecting and a showdown with Alduin. It's not clear how you defeat an elder dragon using small chromium ball bearings. He doesn't look very scared of it at all in the teaser trailer.

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Glen_Runciter Avatar
1 Year ago

Will you have the ability to choose which bumper to move though, or will you have to be satisfied with the option to build your own backdrop for the level instead?

Tovias Avatar
1 Year ago

Pachinko machine when

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

First it was ES Legends, now it's a pinball tie-in. I wonder how many spin-off games/licensing handouts there'll be before the next announcement..

The Great Gratzby Avatar
1 Year ago

Unfortunately TES has ceased to be an intellectual property and has mutated into a franchise. We'll be seeing themed hamburgers before we get another game.

ZedClampet Avatar
1 Year ago

This announcement doesn't disappoint me at all. I love Pinball FX2.

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

It seems they're milking the franchise all they can to make up for their missed financial projections due to paid mods failing. You know they had some figure in mind if it worked. They're essentially re-selling Skyrim with this "Special Edition", and now things like this are announced.