You can fight the Balrog in this Middle Earth Skyrim mod

The Shire, Moria, and more feature in this Lord of the Rings-themed take on Bethesda's iconic RPG

A player has recreated much of Middle Earth as part of a huge mod for Skyrim, nearly eight years after the game first hit shelves. The mod, The Elder Scrolls V Middle Earth, allows you to explore fan favourite locations such as Bree, the Mines of Moria, The Shire and Rivendell entirely in Bethesda’s Creation Engine.

Players are instructed to leave Skyrim by walking into the west and passing through a doorway into Middle Earth. Once there, players can meet with the Fellowship of the Ring at the council of Elrond, complete quests for fan favourite characters, and even attempt to fight the dreaded horror in Khazad Dum.

The mod also adds a host of items to craft, such as Lord of The Rings variants on Orcish and Elven armours. As in the main game, players can recruit new followers in their quest across Middle Earth – and even Skyrim should they fancy adding hobbits to their dragon conquests. It’s even possible to live out an odd roleplay style by simply going about your daily business in The Shire, if dungeoning was never really your thing.

Hopeful downloaders of the mod will be pleased to learn it’s rare in just how complete it is. German modder Maldaran has been working on the mod for the last five years, and has since seen the Tolkienien expansion downloaded nearly 80,000 times on Nexusmods. Though the mod is currently only available on PC via the Nexus, there is talk among the community about a collaboration to port it to Skyrim’s Special Edition on Xbox One.

Those hopeful to download the mod should be aware that they they will need to have every piece of DLC for Skyrim, as well as a game that is fully up to date. Those playing Skyrim: Special addition should be aware that several tech adjustments needs to be made too; details of which can be found in the mod’s forum.

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When Skyrim was released in 2011, it quickly became a staple of the RPG player’s library, allowing us to explore a new high-fantasy world that appealed to hardcore fantasists and casual explorers alike. Since Bethesda released their creation kit, many mods have been made – from complete mechanical overhauls, to new areas and painstaking replicas of other universes such as Winterfell, Hogwarts and now Middle Earth.