Ex Skyrim dev reveals open world of new horror hunting sim on Steam

A former Skyrim and Bethesda developer has now revealed the open-world of his game, The Axis Unseen, which he told us is five times bigger than Skyrim itself

The former Bethesda developer that worked on multiple Fallout games, Skyrim, and some of upcoming RPG game Starfield, has released a brand new trailer for his horror hunting simulator The Axis Unseen, showing off the distinct regions and scale of the fantasy game world.

From solo developer Nate Purkeypile of Just Purkey Games, The Axis Unseen is roughly five times the size of Skyrim, according to a recent interview we did with Purkeypile. The game gives you a bow and arrow and tasks you with finding and hunting creatures from global folklore, except they also hunt you back.

The Axis Unseen will have six separate regions, “each with their own creatures, weather, and locations to explore” with some areas requiring you get special powers to survive and navigate them.

You can check out the new trailer for The Axis Unseen, from ex-Skyrim developer Nate Purkeypile, below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Purkeypile also shared some screenshots, one of an incredibly tall and ominous mountain in the distance, which he says “is over two miles tall. You will have to ascend that mountain and find a way to stop the creatures from getting into the real world.”

The challenge in hunting these creatures from our folklore doesn’t just come from their dangers, but Purkeypile says that some “can only be found once,” so you better be prepared to take them down.

The UI of The Axis Unseen is also incredibly different to Skyrim, as it exists as though it was already a part of the game world. So you’ll be using the landmarks, sun, and stars to help you navigate. There’s no glowing lines or a minimap either, it’s all just up to you to find your way around.

When we initially spoke to Purkeypile about his work at Bethesda and beyond, we also did an extensive Starfield interview with him where he talked about what it takes to make a new IP, the scale of the project, and more. If that doesn’t take your fancy, we also talked to Purkeypile about what he’d like to see in Fallout 5.

There’s currently no release date for the ex-Skyrim developer’s The Axis Unseen, but he told us that it was coming along ahead of schedule. You can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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