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Looks like Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood has come to Minecraft

"We Know"

It appears the reach of Skyrim’s enigmatic and deadly assassin guild, the Dark Brotherhood, extends far beyond Tamriel’s frostiest climes. In fact, the organisation now appears to have left its distinctive mark in the whimsical world of Minecraft – well, kind of. A Minecraft modder has created some map art of a bloody hand print – and it seems a whole bunch of Skyrim fans are thinking the same thing about what it means.

The map art creator’s original post on Minecraft’s subreddit asks the sandbox game’s community for thoughts on the bloody handprint, recreated in its iconic blocky artstyle. In the mere nine hours following the post’s appearance (as of this story), it’s already received a hearty 3.7k upvotes – and a whole host of replies citing Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood, given the organisation’s distinctive emblem. “We know”, one says, followed by a stream of replies echoing the sentiment “beat me to it” in reply. “The Dark Brotherhood invaded Minecraft” and “Bro, the dark brotherhood wants to contact you”, others say.

There’s also a handful of replies crying “Wilson!” in reference to that football friend from Cast Away (you know, the 2000 Tom Hanks flick), but the general consensus seems to point to the Dark Brotherhood’s presence in Mojang’s colourful universe. Gulp.

The post has been cross-posted onto Skyrim’s subreddit under the title ‘We Know’, but hilariously the original creator, Albanzo7827, has said: “Actually I just wanted to make a bloody handprint. I don’t even play Skyrim lol”, to which the cross-poster Crvforever has replied: “The deed is done, my brother”. Well, the Dark Brotherhood’s trade is stealth and sneakiness, after all – looks like it’s crept into Minecraft without even the modder’s knowledge. Gulp.

“We Know” from skyrim

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