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Skyrim fans are very excited about skipping the pickaxe animation

Turns out this has been a bit of a 'TI' moment for a whole lot of fans

Everyone who’s played Skyrim knows that, with a pickaxe in-hand and a can-do attitude, the Dovahkiin can go prospecting in the fantasy game’s mines and dungeons to chisel themselves out some handy ore. What it seems a whole bunch of players didn’t know is that you can speed up the somewhat tiresome task of doing it by skipping the mining animation entirely – and people are very excited about the discovery.

Yesterday, Skyrim subredditor JRnalistic24 posted a screenshot of a conversation they’d seen in which this little titbit was illuminated – that is, that you can simply hack away at an ore deposit with your pickaxe, as you would a bandit with your war axe, to get the goods instead of having to sit through the slightly lengthy mining animation time and time again. “TIL I just wasted hundreds of game hours,” the user joked in the post. Turns out, that was a bit of a ‘TIL’ moment for plenty others, too.

As of writing, the post is sitting at just under a whopping 14,000 upvotes – far more than the vast majority on the subreddit’s front page – and the comments are jam-packed with Skyrim fans exclaiming variations of “ARE YOU KIDDING ME”. Others say they discovered this little hack a while back, though still a long time into playing the game.

Another user has even posted a clip giving us a direct comparison of the different techniques, which suggests that you save roughly around eight seconds if you use a one-handed power attack, 11 or 12 seconds if you go for a one-handed regular attack, and potentially even more if you go for a dagger-pickaxe combo, and so on. Take a look:

Since everyone seems to be going crazy over being able to skip the pickaxe animation, I figured I would show everyone how much faster it can be. from skyrim

While you’d have to have done a lot of mining to have wasted hundreds – or even tens – of hours on the old-school way, it sure is useful to know there’s another way if you’re planning on plundering all the ore your Dragonborn can carry, and want to shave the time down a bit.

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