This Skyrim mod turns dragon shouting into kiss blowing

Skyrim’s Dragon Shout has been one of the game’s most distinctive features since the game launched in 2011 – it featured prominently in the TV advertisements and nothing was better than yeeting an enemy off the side of a snow-capped mountain once you unlocked the power. This mod changes that angry shouting into blowing a rather forceful kiss.

It’s a Dragon Kiss, if you like. The Blow Kiss – Shout Animation Replacer is exactly that: a replacement animation for the Dragon Shout. Once you’ve got it installed, using your shout will cause your character to bend slightly at the waist, gently lift their left palm to their mouth, and then blow a devastating ‘kiss’ in whatever direction they’re facing, resulting in highly entertaining ragdoll effects on anyone standing in range.

There’s something extra devastating, you have to imagine, about getting launched over the side the battlements by someone making such a loving gesture. It gives the Dragon Shout a bit of Bayonetta attitude – and if you need some more stylish combat animations to complete the effect, there’s a mod for that, too.

Here it is in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

This is a mod that might also go well with the Breath of the Wildrim mod, which changes Skyrim’s grim colour palette into a pastel dreamscape. It’s also potentially useful for anyone who uses Skyrim as a form of ASMR.

You can download the Blowing Kisses mod over at Nexusmods, and the author has helpfully provided the Blender workfiles if you’re interested in making your own custom tweaks to the animation.

That done, you’ll probably also want to check out our extensive list of the best Skyrim mods to get your Dragonborne experience tuned exactly how you want it.