Call of Duty comes to Tamriel with this amazing Skyrim mod

This Skyrim mod literally turns Tamriel into Call of Duty, with proper FPS mechanics and AI soldiers roaming around the land ready to team up or fight you.

Call of Duty comes to Tamriel with this amazing Skyrim mod

Call of Duty comes to Skyrim in this brand new mod that brings over squads of soldiers, over a dozen weapons, and plenty of ways to re-experience the RPG game from Bethesda in a whole new light. Once again, I’m blown away by the sheer creativity of Skyrim mods and the Skyrim community as a whole, as there’s always another reason to jump back in.

Created by MixedMartialArtist, this Skyrim mod does more than just bring Call of Duty to the snowy land of Tamriel. There are weapons, squads, and even the ability to command units.

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“This mod brings Call of Duty into the world of Skyrim, combining one of the most famous FPS games with one of the most famous open-world RPG games,” MixedmartialArtist writes. “The Civil War in Skyrim is no longer fought with swords, bows, and axes, but instead guns, grenades, and rocket launchers. Guards, soldiers, and bandits will now present a much different challenge as they now carry modern firearms.”

There are over 12 fully functional classic Call of Duty weapons in this Skyrim mod, with each basically functioning as they do in the early World War II CoD shooters. There are bolt action rifles, mountable light machine guns, and even rocket launchers if you’re feeling especially furious with Nazeem one frosty Whiterun morning.

Call of Duty comes to Tamriel with this amazing Skyrim mod

Squads of soldiers can also be spotted milling about Skyrim with different ranks and weapons, resulting in NPC-driven conflicts across the land that you can either step in between or watch from afar.

“Upon joining a side in the civil war, you can join your fellow allied soldiers in their campaigns as they continue to fight and advance into enemy territory, where you will experience all the same thrills of a Call of Duty mission with the extra benefit of randomness/unpredictability as to where battles take place and how they occur, and not having to deal with a loading screen as you fight battle after battle, all while having the freedom to explore the world as you please,” the Skyrim mod’s description reads.

So you can join a civil war faction and command soldiers, by telling them to start or stop firing their weapons and such.

Call of Duty comes to Tamriel with this amazing Skyrim mod

There’s even a hardcore version and Skyrim VR support. In the hardcore difficulty for the mod, there’s basically a high chance that a group of soldiers will spawn near any NOC you come across, anywhere. “This means that the Draugr Crypt, Dwemer Ruin, Falmer Cave, or that random inn you traveled might just be another potential garrison where your enemies may be hiding in that you will must clear out.”

You can download the Call of Duty Skyrim mod right here.

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