This Skyrim mod uncovers the ‘truth’ – birds aren’t real

There’s a subreddit with just under 290k members called ‘Birds Aren’t Real‘, which is dedicated to humorous stories and images trying to ‘prove’ birds aren’t the lovely, feathery, nest-building vertebrates we all know and love – they’re actually a conspiracy. Of some sort. Now, that very ‘theory’ has come to Tamriel’s frostiest region, thanks to a new Skyrim mod of the same title.

Birds Aren’t Real by creator SkylerModder unveils a troubling ‘fact’ to your Dovahkiin – “The Aedra have been lying to you. The Daedra have been lying to you. Mortals have been lying to you. M’aiq has been lying to you. This mod will show you the truth. Birds aren’t real.” Gulp. ‘But how?’ you might be wondering. Well, the mod simply tinkers with all of Skyrim’s chickens and hawks, altering their sounds effects, “racial settings, and loot” to reveal they’re actually just robots.

That’s right – go take a peep at a fallen bird’s loot and you’ll discover they’re just made up of things like bent Dwemer scrap metal, Dwarven oil, and soul gems. So, pretty much like those horrible Dwarven Spider automatons that populate Dwemer mines and ruins. Eek.

If you’re keen to add this conspiracy and alter the very DNA of the RPG game’s fowl in your game, you can find SkylerModder’s Birds Aren’t Real mod at Nexus here (with a Skyrim Special Edition version available here, too).

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