Skyrim modder adds fully voiced “good guy” expansion to House of Horrors quest

Now you can take a more virtuous route through a dastardly Skyrim quest thanks to this new mod

House of Horrors is a relatively minor Skyrim quest, but a memorable one. You head into a house tormented by Daedric forces in the stone city of Markarth, and you have to take some, well, pretty tough actions to resolve the problem. The decisions you have to make might not sit so well with those Dragonborn determined to take a more virtuous path through their adventures, but the good news is there’s now a “good guy” route available thanks to a quest expansion mod. Some minor story spoilers follow, folks. 

Prolific modder JaySerpa has previously created a bunch of impressive Skyrim mods that add more immersive interactions, a fully voiced, expanded overhaul of the famous Paarthurnax quest, and even the ability pet Skyrim’s doggos. Now, they’ve launched a mod that “expands Molag Bal’s daedric quest, giving you the option of choosing an alternative ‘good guy’ route to finish the vanilla quest”. The creation is fully voiced using lines from the base game spliced together, and even includes new scenes made specifically for the expansion.

Plus, there’s an optional chance of getting a new “paladin-priest-warrior” type follower to bring along on your adventures when the quest’s done and dusted.

Without spoiling too much, you’ll get the chance to convince a key character in the quest not to attack you, which prevents you from having to make the very, erm, final choice regarding their fate that’s the only option in the base game version. They can then join you as a follower.

If you’re happy to find out more – quest spoilers included – check out the clip JaySerpa’s put together showcasing their new mod below:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s worth noting that, handily, the mod doesn’t wall off the House of Horrors quest’s other, more sinister options – you’ll just get the choice to take a “good” approach instead if you like. That is, if you can pick the right options to convince your companion to chill out: “be careful as you can only choose one option, [and] he will attack you right away if not convinced by your argument”, JaySerpa advises. Gulp. You’ll also need to not be a vampire or werewolf, or he won’t join you. He is a Vigilant of Stendarr, after all.

If you’re keen to grab the quest expansion, head to Nexus Mods here. Be sure to follow the modder’s instructions to get it running smoothly, and – as ever – mod with caution! Take a look at our rundown of the best Skyrim mods at that link too if you’re looking for more inspiration.

Top image credit: JaySerpa / Nexus Mods