Oblivion’s amazing The Lost Spires is becoming a Skyrim mod

Remember the Oblivion mod, The Lost Spires? It's getting the Skyrim treatment

Remember The Lost Spires, a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that adds a whole new 15-hour mission and a load of new NPCs, dungeons, monsters, loot, and other goodies to the 2006 RPG game’s world? If you’re a fan of its follow-up, Skyrim, you’re in for a treat – a modder’s working on bringing it to Tamriel’s frostiest region.

User, er, TastyAss Biscuit has posted an exciting little nugget of information about what they’re up to on the Skyrim mods subreddit, teasing: “A little something that some of you may recognise…” with a linked image revealing  what they’ve “been working on”. Fans of the original Oblivion mod, rejoice – it’s a shot of one of those distinctive carved spears from the Lost Spires, this time poking out of Skyrim’s chilly landscape.

Titled ‘Northern Spires’ on Imgur, the structures look faithful to the original mod’s additions from the few pictures shared, but it sounds like the mod isn’t too far along into creation just yet.

In the post comments, the modder confirms they’re not the creator of the original version and are “just a fan, but all the resources in the original are under open permissions as per their website. I haven’t done much with it yet but I’m very excited to see where it goes!”

Take a look at the early shots of The Lost Spires in Skyrim below:

Northern Spires

The original Lost Spires mod by creator Leo Gura adds a new quest centred on an Archaeology Guild, which tasks players with uncovering “the mysteries of ancient Tamriel”. You have to “Scale the guild’s ranks and explore new, exotic locales to unravel a plot of sinister deceit, betrayal, and doom.” It’s a highly popular mod, having been downloaded over 182,000 times, according to its site, with over 40,000 of those on Nexus Mods. You can check out a trailer for the Oblivion version here.

It doesn’t appear the mod’s due to arrive soon, and it’s not clear to what extent it’ll replicate the original – but it’s one to keep an eye out for if you’re a fan of The Lost Spires in Oblivion.