Skryim mod adds fully-voiced DLC inspired by Mass Effect, Dragon Age

Skyrim mod Warden of the Coast adds a fully-voiced DLC to the Bethesda RPG game inspired by the gameplay of BioWare games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Skyrim mod 'Warden of the Coast' - a bearded man in full armour with a helmet shaped like the head of a snake

If you’ve ever wanted a bit more BioWare in your Skyrim, look no further than Skyrim mod Warden of the Coast. A fully-voiced, DLC size adventure that draws inspiration from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, some of the best RPG games outside of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, Warden of the Coast has you form a party chosen from nine BioWare-style companions with their own loyalty missions, offering a player choice-driven story with multiple endings.

Skyrim mod Warden of the Coast, created by Gabriel ‘TheBawb’ Johnson, sees you travel to an isolated island where the Daedric Lord of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, has unleashed the jaws of Oblivion once again. In order to stop him, you’ll be teaming up with 9 companions, each of whom are fully-voiced, will level up as you progress, and have their own BioWare-style loyalty quest line. Their opinion of you can change through dialogue options as well as quest choices, such as who you choose to kill or spare.

Much like you’d expect from the likes of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, you can bring up to three companions with you on your journey, which is said to take roughly 10-15 hours for a single playthrough. You’ll quite likely want to replay it once you’ve seen it through, however – there are five main endings on offer depending on the paths you choose. Warden of the Coast, initially spotted by DSOGaming, features “over 9,000 lines of skilfully voiced dialogue” from 27 voice actors, making it feel more like an official expansion than a fan-made mod.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a BioWare-style expansion without a little love in the air, so there are a total of seven different romance options that you can pursue. TheBawb says they are planning an update to allow your chosen romantic partner to become a marriage candidate in the main game once the quest line is complete. They’re also hoping to add in some idle banter between members of your active party, to truly complete that BioWare feel.

You can watch the launch trailer for Warden of the Coast below:

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If this all sounds compelling to you, you can download the Skyrim mod Warden of the Coast at Nexus Mods. In order to start your new adventure, you’ll first need to finish The Way of the Voice, the main quest that sees you meeting the Greybeards at the peak of High Hrothgar and learning how to use your Dragonborn shouts. Once that’s done, you can begin your journey by visiting any of the main game’s major cities.

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