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Skyrim mod with Middle-Earth Nemesis system confirms release

The Shadow of Skyrim mod is inspired by the amazing Nemesis system from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and it now has a release date - which is imminent

A shadowy figure contemplates the Nemesis system as a Skyrim mod

The Shadow of Skyrim mod is inspired by fellow fantasy game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and aims to bring something akin to its iconic Nemesis system to Bethesda’s RPG game – and now it has a release date, with not long to wait.

There are many fantastic Skyrim mods on PC, but the prospect of adding Middle-Earth’s Nemesis system is an enticing one. Nemesis, if you didn’t know, organically turns regular foes into powerful antagonists if they manage to defeat you.

The Shadow of Skyrim mod by creator Syclonix aims to do just that, with nemeses receiving “a unique name, increased stats, and special buff” and can even use your gear against you. Even dragons can become your nemesis – or mudcrabs. Players get a debuff when defeated and are spawned at a random location, with a quest to track down their new nemesis – which is the only way to remove the debuff and get your gear back. The mod also essentially removes death so there’s no need to save or reload, much like with the Middle-Earth games.

While the mod was announced back in May with the hopes of releasing it in June, Syclonix took to Reddit to confirm the Skyrim mod’s release date is now Saturday, August 6 – so there’s not long to wait at this point.

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