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This Skyrim mod adds Baldur’s Gate-style NPCs to Tamriel

Scratch that old school role-playing itch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an extremely modern RPG, despite being nearly eight years old, and while that’s helped it attain extreme mainstream success, it’s lost the lengthy, intricate NPC dialog that makes games like Baldur’s Gate so memorable. If you haven’t already spent enough time with the best Skyrim mods, a fresh mod full of old-school RPG dialog is here to add new depth to your next playthrough.

Citizens of Tamriel adds 14 new NPCs to Skyrim, complete with 1,000 lines of original dialog brought to life by an hour’s worth of new voiceover. Each character provides an old-school role-playing experience, with branching conversations, unique character motivations, and consequential choices.

You can grab the file on Nexus Mods, courtesy of modder Craftian – who also built a similar add-on for Divinity: Original Sin II. In both cases, the new NPCs are intended as a sort of easter egg for you to discover on repeated playthroughs, but if you want to get down to role-playing business, a list of their locations is available.

The new voice acting is pretty good, too – you can check it out in the video below.

There are plenty of other Skyrim mods to scratch the old school itch, too – like one that forces you to use skill trainers, or the return of Morrowind through Skywind.

It seems that no Bethesda RPG will ever die so long as the mod community is around.