This Skyrim mod makes NPCs compliment you for strutting around in the nude

Skyrim's townsfolk are more than happy to see a dressed-down Dragonborn

Skyrim is chock-full of cool armour and gear. Shiny Stalhrim. Intimidating Imperial. Steely, er, steel. The Dragonborn is spoilt for choice in how to bedeck themselves – but, that’s not everyone’s style. Some might prefer to battle Tamriel’s beasties and haunt its cosy inns in nothing but their pants, and that’s (probably?) okay. And now, thanks to a new mod, Skyrim’s NPCs will think so, too.

Everglaid has unveiled their new ‘Positive Undressed Reactions’ Skyrim mod with a hilarious showcase clip, which you can check out below. The creation adds “lore-friendly voiced reactions to the player being undressed”, replacing approximately 70% of the pre-existing ones. So now, if you decide to take to the streets of Whiterun in the buff, the townsfolk will fire some unisex compliments your way.

“Woah! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Whiterun blacksmith Adrienne Avenicci might holler at the sight of the Dovahkiin in their undergarments. “I feel shameful for not wanting to look away!” food merchant Anoriath can confess. “By the divines, what a figure!” others might cry out at the sight of your hero’s minimalist attire. And there are plenty more examples, too.

As ever, it seems the eternally grumpy housecarl Lydia will be unimpressed with your dressed-down antics. But, hey – who needs her opinion? The rest of Skyrim’s folk are happy enough to see the Dragonborn showing off their bod.

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Best of all, the modder says all reactions are “written in a surprised, embarrassed, or impressed tone, with no vulgar or degrading terms,” and that they “tried to avoid anything that could come off as an unwanted advance”. Lovely stuff.

If you’re keen to give the mod a go and get some compliments thrown your Dragonborn’s way, you can find it at Nexus Mods here. As ever, mod with caution! And, be sure to check out details on a recent Skyrim local co-op mod if you’re interested in tackling Tamriel with a pal.