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New Skyrim mod opens up a skeleton pizzeria

This Skyrim mod adds a skeleton pizzeria to the RPG game, as mods for Bethesda's open-world game get weirder and weirder even a decade plus after its release.

Skyrim mod answers the question “what if skeletons sold pizza?”: a skeleton with a moustache stands behind a counter, with a menu in front of them

I’m never going to stop writing about the best Skyrim mods. Every single day someone creates a mod that’s truly special, whether it’s in keeping with the lore of Tamriel or so ludicrous for a fantasy RPG game that I can’t help but spotlight it. This time it’s the latter as a, let’s be real, genius modder has introduced the cold inhabitants of Skyrim to a pizzeria run by skeletons.

Uploaded by hrodeberht, “Necro Pizzeria” is, quite frankly, the greatest thing to happen to Skyrim since sliced bread. Manned by “a literal skeleton crew,” Necro Pizzeria lets you eat and bake pizza in Tamriel alongside none other than the Pizzamancer himself.

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, Necro Pizzeria is a pizzeria powered by necromancy, meaning a necromancer uses their powers to have undead skeletons do all the labour. At least it’s cheap though, right?

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This Skyrim mod boasts features like “skeletons baking pizza,” “skeletons with moustaches,” and someone called the Bone Daddy, who I hesitate to inquire about any further if I’m perfectly honest.

The limited menu provided by this Skyrim mod, alongside an actual functioning pizzeria itself, includes pizza Nordica, pizza Imperiale, and pizza Sheogorath. The mod is also a sequel to a Skyrim pizza delivery service mod from hrodeberht, so now you can actually see how the sausage gets made, so to speak.

Whether it’s a Skyrim mod with fully-voiced characters, an effort to build the entirety of Oblivion in Skyrim, or just making rats swear, I’m constantly blown away by the creativity and effort mods for Elder Scrolls games have, with each becoming more essential than the last.

Yes, a Skyrim mod with a necromancy-powered pizzeria is an essential download, why’d you ask? You can find the Skyrim Necro Pizzeria mod here, and the initial pizza delivery service mod here as well. Be sure to check out the instructions for compatible mods and set-up guidance.

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