This Skyrim mod forces you to use skill trainers to get stronger

If you want to learn, you must be willing to be taught

If you’ve had a few too many Skyrim playthroughs break down when you get bored of crafting endless daggers to boost your smithing skill, you might be interested in a new challenge with an entirely new sort of skill-building. The Apprenticeship mod gives you exactly that, by forcing you to seek out skill trainers when you want to get stronger.

With Apprenticeship installed, your skills no longer improve just for using them, so no matter how long you stand around getting slapped by that draugr, your heavy armor aptitude will not increase. Instead, you’ve got to either pick up a skill book or go meet a trainer in order to purchase further experience in that skill.

If that sounds like the sort of challenge you’re into, you can grab Apprenticeship over at Nexus Mods. “To make this system a little more accessible at higher levels,” mod creator Rustytater95 notes, “all trainers have been bumped up to Master level.”

Further updates may add additional trainers, though this is intended “a sort of proof of concept for a bigger project” the same modder is working on.

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