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Finally, a Skyrim mod where you can get a good hot dog

The Sausages of Solitude Skyrim mod adds a hot dog stand to the Solitudes marketplace, and there's a surprising variety of buns on offer

Being a Dragonborn is hungry work, and one new Skyrim mod has the perfect solution. Sausages of Solitude from hrodeberht1 and bella adds a hot dog stand to the Solitude marketplace, and it’s not just any sausage on sale. The mod adds an entire selection of hot dogs of differing types, a variety of buns, unique toppings, and incredibly detailed textures. There’s the standard wiener and a tube steak, along with the more inventively named Beefstick and our particular favorite, the Pork Sword.

None of the meaty treats will set you back much or weigh you down, weighing just 0.2 each except for the single drink on sale, Honningbrew Mead, which is 0.5. The brightly-colored dogs may look slightly out of place among the more drab surroundings of Solitude, but the cart itself looks like it fits right in. There’s even a named NPC to hawk the sausages, Arrectus Mentula, with a peasant-y shirt and an old fashioned diner cap.

It’s all good fun, and the creators have several others to their name, including Burger Jarl and the – rather worryingly named – NecroPizza.

All things considered, it’s one of the tamer Skyrim mods out there. While it might be over a decade old, Skyrim’s mod scene is still going strong, with ever-more inventive creations coming out every week. One recent mod gives you a giant, stripey rat companion – a pet or a threat, we’re not quite sure – while another overhauls the Cat Lady mod that lets you live out your fantasy cat dreams in Bethesda’s open-world RPG because why not.

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