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This Skyrim mod lets you live the quiet life of an NPC

This Skyrim mod lets you sit, lounge about, and drink mead because Dovahkiins deserve a break, too

Ah, the life of a Skyrim Dovahkiin. Dragon-slaying, Fus Ro Dah-ing, and slurping Honningbrew mead in taverns might inspire bards to sing songs about your heroics and (most) NPCs to be really nice to you. But, it’s a pretty stressful life. Long hours on the road, plundering caves, and trying to fend off endless bloody draugr. Why not try the simple life of an NPC instead? With a new mod, you now can.

Creator Soupdragon has uploaded a mod that resolves some very good questions: “Have you ever noticed that NPCs can do certain things that you can’t? Like lean on walls/posts, meditate, sit on ledges, on logs, crossed-legged on the floor, or lean on counters on stalls [and] in shops? Ever wondered ‘Hey, why I can’t I do that?’ Well, now you can, for selected markers.” That’s right – you can now do all the little things NPCs do to fill their time in Tamriel’s frostiest region.

The mod lets you sit, stand, lie down, kneel, lean, and basically just chill out or loiter in various ways using a spell book that helps guide you to invisible locations – or “markers” – nearby when you cast it.

You can even drink from barrels of mead, hammer walls and tables (you know, to earn that mead), and even meditate, meaning you can enjoy the decidedly non-action packed life of Skyrim’s townsfolk and guards you’ve dreamed of. Plus, the modder says they might potentially add some other options, too, “as and when” they find the animations in the game.

If you’re tempted to live the recreational life of a Skyrim citizen, you can grab the mod here. Best of all, combined with some of the other best Skyrim mods out there, you’ve got plenty more options. For example, with that meditate action, you can recreate life as a Witcher, especially if you grab the Skyrim mod that adds a Witcher 3-inspired location.

Or you could use that Skyrim mod that plays the game for you to live the true life of luxury (and at last catch up on some of those lore books). As ever, be sure to follow the modder’s instructions, and mod at your own risk!