This Skyrim mod adds an underground city full of vampires

Need a vampire home in Skyrim? Coldhaven gives you a whole city's worth of like-fanged friends

Skyrim’s general populace doesn’t take too kindly to vampires – there was a whole expansion about hunting them down, after all – but the Coldhaven mod gives stalkers of the night a place to call home. The add-on adds in a new underground city full of vampiric denizens, and it can serve as a player home or the hub for a host of new quests and unique weapons.

Coldhaven itself is a haven for vampires, but still allows some mortal trade – hence the stores, smiths, and taverns you’ll find there. Commoners live in the lower levels, while vampiric nobles look down from above. A set of quests will have you seeking out missing vampires of note, hunting fugitives, and joining new factions.

You can, as always, grab the file from Nexus Mods – whether for standard Skyrim or SSE. An optional extension adds some options for the Alternate Start mod, so you can begin a new character either visiting or residing in Coldhaven. Creator Brehanin has created several vampire-focused mods in the past, and this add-on is intended to be broadly compatible with any vampire overhaul.

Coldhaven brings in some of Brehanin’s earlier work, too. You’ll also be able to build Bloodgems using blood potions and soul gems, which can then be smelted into Bloodglass ingots, and finally turned into a new set of Bloodglass weapons.

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The mod community’s work continues at its usual ridiculous pace. We’ve seen a Skyrim Reputation mod and Beyond Skyrim continues to show a whole lot of promise and a whole lot of progress. We’ve still got reasons to keep coming back to Skyrim even after all these years.

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