Skyrim Realistic Overhaul update adds more fancy visuals for the 10GB texture mod

skyrim realistic overhaul

Skyrim still needs the occasional facelift as it keeps trucking along, and the Skyrim Realistic Overhaul mod aims to provide just that, with a fat package of hot, high-res textures to keep things looking nice. The mod’s been around for ages, but just got a fresh update to version 1.8.

The 10GB overhaul is bigger than a lot of games, and it offers a wide selection of 2048k and 4096k textures built to increase the quality of the visuals. Those improvements come without changing the artistic look of the original files, so you can expect your vision of Skyrim to look roughly the same – just better.

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Version 1.8 comes in the form of a nearly 500MB patch that you can download in either original Skyrim or Special Edition flavours. Both naturally require the full install of 1.7 from ModDB. According to the readme, the update features new and improved textures for Landscape, Roads, Riften, Markarth, Whiterun, Solitude, Farmhouse, Imperial dungeons, Bulwark, and Redoran.

Skyrim Realistic Overhaul has been one of the most popular texture mods for the game, keeping everything looking nice and crisp without fundamentally changing the look of the game.

Skyrim’s everywhere these days, from your consoles to your Alexa, but we all know the best place to play is PC, where you can overload your GPU with fancy textures to ensure everything looks its best as you keep upgrading to higher and higher resolution monitors. With the Elder Scrolls 6 release date so far in the future, we’ve got a long while to stay occupied.