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Skywind recruitment video lays out the skills needed from new volunteers

Skywind hiring

There’s a real possibility that dream project Skywind, aiming to port the entirity of Morrowind into Skyrim as a massive total conversion mod, may actually become reality. The latest development video shows just how beautiful it is, while also functioning as a making of for its various components, from animation to voice acting. It’s also an advertisement for more volunteers – the scope of the project is ever-increasing, and more people in every field will only help bring it to life.

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With full narration, the video not only shows each aspect of development, but explains what specifically they need new folks to do:

I am both continuously impressed by the ambition and progress of Skyrim, while worried that it will never get finished without another decade of work. The team are already now on an older iteration of Bethesda’s open world engine, and it can’t be that long until a new Elder Scrolls makes its debut. Not only that, but doing all of this for free (even if they are taking donations) and with no plans to ever charge for their work seems incredibly generous. Just the producer trying to coordinate all this must be spending hours and hours on that task alone.

If you want to get involved in any of the above tasks, or think you have something else to contribute, here’s the volunteer page. It’s marvellously organised compared to what you may be used to from working in mods. There’s even a whole separate area dealing with voice acting auditions. There are also Music and Writing departments, not mentioned in the video, but they’re not currently looking for new people. That may change in the future.

As they say towards the end, they can’t guarantee a release date. They’ve got a lot done, and I think the momentum of the project is such now that without some sort of catastrophic failure, completion is inevitable – eventually.