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A Skyrim roleplayer asks: Can a Whiterun guard be a hero, too?

Maybe a guard can solve both the dragon problem and the scourge of missing sweet rolls

A Skyrim Whiterun guard stands in a street

Ah, Skyrim’s Whiterun guards. The bearers of so many of the fantasy game’s now-iconic stock phrases, and the butt of so many memes as a result. They’ll usually give dragon bashing a good go if one swoops near, but they’re not exactly typical Dovahkiin material – or perhaps they are. One Skyrim fan has certainly been keen to find out, setting out on a journey in-game to see if the humble Whiterun guard can be a hero, too.

It seems the (potentially) fateful journey started a few days ago when aptly named Redditor WhiterunGuards posted an image of their aspiring guard – clearly from Skyrim’s Whiterun hold, as denoted by the mustard yellow garb and his shield’s horse head insignia – declaring their intent. “No more lollygaggin’ – time to find out if I really am Dragonborn,” the guard announces, with a meme thrown in for fun, of course.

Since then, our hero has been travelling to High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards, to answer the call of the Voice – to find out if they’re the chosen one, the Dragonborn poised to save Skyrim. He’s even got a wee little backpack on. Awh. There have been clips of the guard’s trek up the mountain, where he battles frost trolls, and update posts giving us a sense of his journey.

Apparently the long climb up The Seven Thousand Steps was a slow one, made particularly tricky by that old arrow injury to his knee (of course), but we now have a clip showing that the lonely guard did make it up to the stone temple’s hallowed halls to find out if they are indeed Dragonborn. Devastatingly for the poor fellow, we can see the answer wasn’t the one he’d hoped for, as you can see below:

Finally made it to High Hrothgar. from skyrim

Looks like the true Dragonborn got there first. “That was the Dragonborn inside, I went to High Hrothgar to find out if I was a Dragonborn…I am not,” they confirm in another post. Sigh. But, as they note elsewhere, at least they have a good tale to tell their guard chums by the fire when they get back to Whiterun.

No more lollygaggin’ time to find out if I really am Dragonborn. from skyrim

So, it looks like this Whiterun guard won’t be the saviour of Skyrim, but if you’re keen to get more out of your own adventure as the Dragonborn, be sure to check out our rundown of the best Skyrim mods on PC. Or, you can read about the time I tackled Skyrim as The Witcher if some daft roleplaying is your thing.