Skyrim gets Witcher as a playable race

This new Skyrim mod adds The Witcher as a full playable and customisable race.

Skyrim gets The Witcher race mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are two of the greatest RPGs around on PC, so it’s only right to celebrate any endeavour that brings those two fantasy universes together – such as a new mod for Skyrim which brings ‘Witcher’ to the game as a full playable class, complete with signs.

There have already been many great mods that bring elements of The Witcher over to Skyrim – we had a whole adventure on that subject, in fact. There are also expansions that add the Skellige isles to Tamriel, the ability to take on monster contracts, or an overhaul of the quest system to make it more Witcher 3-like.

This new mod offers something a little different – a full Witcher class for Skyrim, as created by RobA and available on NexusMods. Players can select ‘Witcher’ as their race and then are able to customise their character as normal, so they don’t have to play as a grumpy Geralt-alike.

Witchers regenerate stamina, health, and magica 2-3 times faster than other races, with unarmed combat damage being three times stronger, and a new stackable power called ‘Endomorphisis’ increases movement speed. RobA has also added the Aard and Igni signs and plans to update with more. They also recommend adding the Witcher’s Adventure mod to get Skyrim even closer to a Witcher-style experience.

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Amazing Skyrim mods seem to get added on a daily basis as the community is ridiculously imaginative and talented. This one adds Final Fantasy-style classes to the game, this gives the Dragonborn a band of followers, and this wacky one adds a giant keyboard and mouse as weapons – and those are just examples from this month.