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Bethesda says it will “look into” including a tribute for deceased fan in Elder Scrolls 6

Skyrim was one of few games the fan played

Bethesda has said it will look into including a tribute to a deceased fan in The Elder Scrolls 6. The developer responded to social media posts from the fan’s partner, saying tentative steps will be taken to try and honour him somehow in the upcoming PC game.

According to a report in Forbes, “I would give up literally anything to just be in Skyrim” was the last public Facebook post made by Colton ‘Colt’ Meredith before his passing earlier this year. This past week his partner, Raven, began a social media campaign to make his wish come true. First, she recreated him using Skyrim’s character-creation tools, then, she tagged Bethesda in a Twitter post saying “if you ever need an NPC design, I know it would have meant the world to him.”

In an interview with Hey Poor Player, she said that Skyrim was “one of maybe three games he owned” for his Xbox 360, and he’d spent hours engrossed in Tamriel. They’d met while LARPing together, and he was the kind of incredibly kind person that nurses injured hummingbirds back to health. The added attention paid off, and Bethesda has reached out to her, not making any promises, but saying the company will try to include him in some way. “We would like to see what we can do to bring him into The Elder Scrolls 6,” the studio’s DM said. “Of course, this is still quite a ways off from being able to promise anything, but if you can provide us his name and any other details about him to us, we can best look into what’s possible.”

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced back in 2018, and since then we haven’t heard a whole lot. Bethesda’s mostly been working on Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online, the latter of which got a new, gothic dungeon last month. Hopefully, Bethesda’s able to find space for Colt in the RPG game.

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