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The End Is Nigh sales up 1000% since addition of Steam Workshop

The purchases have been full-price

Sales of Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel’s apocalyptic platformer The End Is Nigh saw a massive boost recently when Steam Workshop support was added. According to Glaiel, there’s been a near 1000% increase in full-price purchases since they made the switch.

The surprising news was announced by Glaiel on Twitter, who espoused that mod support is a very worthwhile venture if you’ve got a community gathering. He said full-price sales are up by around 1000%, holding from a massive peak brought on by a one-day discount when the game was linked to workshop.

He put this all down to the modding community, and went on to explain what mod support The End Is Nigh offers. They use a simple file manager and winforms app to make mods playable in the game, meaning that adding mods is easy and accessible for players. Going by those sales figures, there were a large number of fans, modders and not alike, waiting for the addition of Steam Workshop to make it all even more convenient.

In the oeuvre of Edmund McMillen’s work, The End Is Nigh sticks out as one of his gloomiest and least colourful games. Putting a macabre twist on the quick-reflex action of McMillen’s Super Meat Boy, players must traverse a world where they are the last survivor on earth in an effort to fix the broken cartridge of their favorite game.

Glaiel put out multiplayer robot fighter Bombernauts six months after The End Is Nigh, in December 2017, while McMillen’s The Legend of Bum-Bo is coming out November 12 this year.

The End Is Nigh is currently discounted as part of Steam’s Halloween sale, if you want to give it a go and check out some mods.