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The Endless Cylinder is a gorgeous, bizarre game from ACE Team co-founder Carlos Bordeu

The Endless Cylinder

Carlos Bordeu, co-founder of Zeno Clash and Abyss Odyssey developer ACE Team, doesn’t make games that don’t look like the product of incredible fever dreams. The Zeno Clash series in particular is fat with incomprehensibly bizarre and utterly beautiful landscapes and loopy beasties. He’s working on his own project right now, The Endless Cylinder, and while it’s only in the prototype stage, it’s already looking mind bogglingly weird. 

Take a look at the video for his work-in-progress below, and if your eyes start to melt, be sure to find a bowl to hold the goo. 

Bordeu explains that while he’s been working on The Endless Cylinder for a while, it’s still in the very early stages of development, and he’s not quite sure what direction he’s going to take the game in. It’s already blessed with a gorgeous aesthetic, though, and a curious little creature — controlled by the player — that’s born into a hostile world.

He goes into a wee bit more detail in the comments section of the video.

“The gameplay is still in very early stages of development, but rest assured this is not one of those ‘look around’ games where you mainly wander through detailed environments with little more than the story… Though certainly here you won’t be punching people in the face. 🙂 I’ll share more as development moves forward.”

As a teaser, it’s certainly done it’s job, and I confess that I’m salivating at the prospect of exploring yet another world of alien dreamscapes.