The Escapists gives out the gifts this Christmas with free DLC Santa’s Sweatshop

The Escapists DLC Santas Sweatshop

December is the month of giving, and that applies even if you are banged up on the inside for 10-15 years. Team 17 are gift wrapping a new DLC pack for The Escapists and pushing it through your cell door on the 8th December, without even demanding you give up your pudding at dinner time. The Santa’s Sweatshop DLC is free for all, and it’s bringing joy and good tidings to The Escapists.

The DLC transports you from prison to the North Pole, where you’re a slave labourer for Santa, creating toys in sweatshop conditions. It’s Christmas soon, so your character decides to stick it to the fat man and escape back home.

The DLC adds new items and craftables in a Christmas-themed level, with appropriate jobs, characters, and talky sections. You even play as an elf, and there’s a ‘fresh and festive’ soundtrack to bop along you as you work your fingers to the bone. And while you work, there’s new achievements to hunt down too.

The DLC launches on 8th December, and is free if you own The Escapists.