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The First Descendant makes formerly exclusive rewards available to all

Following launch issues for The First Descendent, Nexon gives beta test rewards to all players as compensation for the free Steam game.

Free Steam game The First Descendant gives out previously exclusive rewards to all as compensation after launch - A bearded man smiles slightly as fire appears before him.

Developer Nexon Games says it is “deeply regretful” for issues during the launch of The First Descendant, its new free-to-play looter shooter. The sci-fi co-op game currently sits at a ‘mixed’ user rating on Steam, with just 51% of its 32,000 reviews giving it a positive recommendation, as players bemoan the game’s early launch wobbles, monetization issues, and repetitive mission structure. As compensation, the developer is now extending previously exclusive rewards earned through the game’s beta tests to all players.

Nexon has already handed out a selection of compensation items to The First Descendant players due to opening-day issues and server instability that prevented some from being able to play. However, it notes that a separate issue has meant these rewards were not distributed correctly in some cases. This follows on from a separate issue where mass purchases of The First Descendant’s premium currency in the free Steam game were not being correctly delivered.

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“Due to various issues after the launch, we were unable to provide a stable service, and we feel deeply regretful,” Nexon Games writes. “As a sincere apology, we have decided to expand the rewards for everyone.” If you’ve been missing your promised compensation items, or those you earned during the game’s beta tests, you should receive them soon.

These rewards include the High Five emote and Frost Walker Hunter titles from the game’s October beta test, along with the Send Heart emote, Bear Cub back attachment, Passion spawn effect, and ‘Trendsetter’ Bunny head skin from the crossplay beta in September. Formerly only awarded to players who played during these tests – and in some cases achieved certain conditions to earn them, such as reaching the beta’s level cap – they’ll now be given to everyone.

The First Descendant - The bear cub back trophy earned by reaching level 20 during the game's crossplay open beta.

As someone who took the time to level up my character to 20 during the crossplay beta to earn the adorable Bear Cub back trophy, I don’t mind other players who missed out on the chance at the time getting their own version. Zipping around the game’s open world with a tiny pal on your back drinking a mystery-brand soft drink is simply too cute to be upset over.

Despite its early issues, it’s still certainly too early to count The First Descendant out. Indeed, it’s reached a new all-time player peak of 248,149 concurrent players on Steam today, Saturday July 6. That keeps it hovering above fellow free-to-play games such as Apex Legends, Naraka Bladepoint, and Valve’s own Team Fortress 2.

The First Descendant - Steam player count for July 6, 2024, with a peak of 248,149 active players.

“We’re grateful for your participation in testing and providing various feedback over the years to create The First Descendant together, and we hope you’ll continue to support the game after the official release,” Nexon concludes.

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