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The First Descendant uses assets “copied” from Destiny 2, report says

Sci-fi FPS and free Steam game The First Descendant contains assets that are visually similar to those in Bungie’s Destiny 2, a report says.

The First Descendant Destiny 2: A hero wearing headphones in Nexon FPS game The First Descendant

A new report claims that assets in breakout Steam FPS The First Descendant are “barely changed” recreations of ones that are included in Bungie’s Destiny 2. Currently one of the most popular games on Valve’s platform, with more than 133,000 concurrent players as of this writing, The First Descendant is a free-to-play looter shooter created by Nexon. After a slightly troubled launch that involved issues with microtransactions, a new story highlights apparent similarities between some of the visual designs in The First Descendant and icons and weapons from Bungie’s longstanding co-op shooter.

A free looter shooter and FPS game, The First Descendant has so far retained a large player count despite middling user reviews. Developer Nexon recently announced that, in order to compensate for issues surrounding launch, once-exclusive rewards in The First Descendant would be made available to all players. A new report however says it is “pretty clear” that some assets in The First Descendant “were copied almost exactly” from Destiny 2.

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In a story published by Forbes, writer Paul Tassi compares player icons and weapon designs from Destiny 2 with similar assets in The First Descendant. Specifically, Tassi highlights potential similarities between the ‘Different Dream’ sniper rifle in Nexon’s shooter and the ‘IKELOS’ series of guns in Destiny 2. Tassi also shares an image that displays various in-game icons from The First Descendant and Destiny 2 side by side.

The First Descendant Destiny 2: Comparisons of imagery from FPS games The First Descendant and Destiny 2

“In this case, you can see that there are tiny tweaks to almost all of them,” Tassi writes, “a ‘copy my homework without making it look like you copied it’ type situation, but it’s pretty clear that if these weren’t flat-out taken from Destiny they were copied almost exactly with those small additions or subtractions added.”

PCGamesN has contacted Nexon, the creator of The First Descendant, to request a response. We will update this story with any further information.

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