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How to dismantle weapons in The First Descendant

Learning how to dismantle weapons in The First Descendant is essential to make room for more & obtain extra crafting materials in the game.

A weapon to that could be dismantled in The First Descendant

How do you dismantle weapons in The First Descendant? Nexon’s third-person looter shooter shares inventory mechanics of other games in the genre like Destiny 2 and the Borderlands series. Frequently obtaining new weapons by taking down various enemies, you’ll need to regularly dismantle unwanted guns to make room for more.

If your PC has met The First Descendant system requirements and you’ve already been spending a lot of time in the free-to-play adventure, it will have been made clear how quickly inventory space fills up, similarly to other RPG games. Thankfully, the steps to dismantling weapons in The First Descendant are even more straightforward than getting The First Descendant Caliber when you know what to do.

Marking The First Descendant weapons to dismantle as junk

How to dismantle weapons in The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, players can easily dismantle weapons by going to their inventory to mark and take them apart as junk by following these steps:

  • Enter your “Inventory” tab
  • Go into a weapon category
  • Hover your cursor over the weapon you want to dismantle
  • Select the option for “Select Junk”
    • Choose “Designate all as junk” if to dismantle all unequipped weapons instead
  • Select the option to “Dismantle Junk” for all you’ve selected

In return for what has been dismantled, you’ll get Research Material items like Superalloy and Liquid Metal.

The option to select and dismantle all unequipped weapons at once is helpful in The First Descendant if you quickly want to clear space all at once. However, we would advise you to be careful later in the game so you don’t accidentally dismantle any hard-earned Ultimate weapons.

To prevent this, use the “Filter” option to mark only weapons of certain levels, tiers, and those with enhanced unique abilities. In this way, you won’t have to spend loads of extra time manually marking weapons as junk just to be safe.

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