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The First Descendant hands out compensation after rocky launch

The First Descendant launch has been troubled by day one issues, so Nexon Games is giving you free gold and XP boosts in the sci-fi shooter.

The First Descendant hands out compensation for launch issues - A bearded man smirks down at you.

Free Steam game The First Descendant is rolling out compensation to all players following launch-day troubles. The sci-fi looter shooter has finally arrived on the Valve platform to a big player count, but suffered some server instability along with problems including a delay in sending the game’s premium currency to those who had bought it. To make good on this, Nexon Games announces some bonuses available to all players.

The First Descendant has had a rocky launch, with technical troubles, unstable servers, concerns around the game’s microtransaction model, and complaints of repetitive gameplay leaving it with mixed Steam reviews. It’s certainly not all bad news for the free Steam game, however; it’s risen to a player peak of 229,257 so far, pushing it past free-to-play stalwarts Team Fortress 2 and Apex Legends and into contention with the likes of Elden Ring.

The good news is that, whether or not you were troubled by problems on its opening day, there are some free gifts coming your way. “We sincerely apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by the issues that occurred during the opening day,” Nexon Games writes in its latest blog post on Steam. “As a token of our apology, we prepared compensation. We will continue to strive to provide a more stable service.”

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This compensation is forward-reaching, too, so even if you’re yet to actually jump in and start unlocking The First Descendant characters you still have a chance to claim the free items. If you log into the game before 23:59 PDT on Sunday July 7, you’ll have the compensation sent to your in-game mailbox.

This includes a selection of three-day boosts increasing your gold gain, Kyper Shard gain, and the experience earned for both Descendants and Weapon Mastery by 30% each. These will take effect from the moment you collect them from the mailbox, so take that into account before claiming them. You’ll also get two matte red paints for a bit of fashion.

Nexon Games also confirms that a separate issue is causing some of The First Descendant Twitch drops to not be delivered. “We are currently in contact with Twitch to resolve this issue,” it explains, saying that players will be notified once this has been resolved.

For the time being, we’ve got everything you need to know to get started in our comprehensive The First Descendant guide, along with an explanation of how The First Descendant crossplay works.

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