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The First Descendant dev warns of mass Caliber purchase error

Purchases of The First Descendant’s premium currency Caliber are not being delivered correctly in some cases, developer Nexon Games warns.

The First Descendant dev warns of mass Caliber purchase error - Sharen, a woman with cybernetic body parts.

If you’re thinking of buying premium currency in The First Descendant, developer Nexon Games highlights an essential ongoing issue to be aware of. Currently, if you attempt to buy multiple Caliber bundles at the same time, there’s a good chance they won’t all arrive in your account as expected. The team behind the new Steam sci-fi looter shooter is working on the issue, but for now suggests players avoid potential problems altogether.

The First Descendant Caliber is the premium currency for the futuristic co-op game, and can be used to buy the highest tier of its battle pass or independent cosmetics such as Descendant skins, full body skins, weapon skins, and paint. However, Nexon Games warns that The First Descendant players on all platforms who attempt to buy more than one Caliber bundle at a time are not getting their purchases.

“We have identified an issue where items are not being delivered when purchasing the same product multiple times through the basket on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox platform stores,” Nexon writes. “We are currently working on fixing this error. In the meantime, please purchase Caliber items individually to avoid any inconvenience. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.”

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If you have run into this issue over the past few days since launch up until Thursday July 4, Nexon says the transaction should be automatically canceled on Friday July 5. It notes that any such errors that have happened since Thursday will be similarly resolved moving forward. For the time being, however, the issue still persists – so keep that in mind if you’re tempted to pick up any new cosmetics for your favorite The First Descendant characters.

Nexon also addresses that “hack advertisement chats are becoming frequent in the game, and we are continuously working to resolve this issue.” It asks players who see such advertisements appear in the in-game chat to select the target from the chat or the social tab on the map screen and use the exclamation mark icon in the bottom-right to report the account.

For now, you can get some additional freebies through The First Descendant Twitch Drops, and be sure to check in on The First Descendant codes to stay up to date on any additional giveaways that happen.

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