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Nvidia drops The First Descendant driver with DLSS 3.5 and more

Nvidia confirms DLSS 3.5 support on top of super resolution and frame generation meaning The First Descendant should run great on RTX GPUs

The First Descendant Nvidia Game Ready Driver

With release day set for next week, it’s time to get your graphics card updated as Nvidia has dropped its game ready update for The First Descendant and confirmed that all of its top features will be available on day one.

Even if you’re using the best graphics card that Nvidia has to offer, you’re going to benefit from the full suite of Nvidia technology including super resolution, frame generation, ray reconstruction, and Reflex.

Thanks to previous open beta periods, we’ve known that Nvidia DLSS would be present in The First Descendant in some capacity, but it’s great to have confirmation that the game is being supported with everything Nvidia can throw at it.

The game ready driver is ready to download right now via GeForce Experience or the Nvidia App. Both AMD and Intel have also dropped graphics drivers with support for The First Descendant and their own super resolution technologies FSR and XeSS.

Suppose you’re aiming for 4K gameplay. In that case, these technologies are all the more important given that the game runs on Unreal Engine 5, and as one developer has highlighted, native 4K performance in the engine is poor with upscaling being considered a requirement.

It appears that Nexon has gone all out to ensure The First Descendant has all the tools required to be playable with great performance regardless of which graphics card you use, although it’s worth noting that some features are locked to specific generations of RTX GPUs, so be sure to check out our Nvidia DLSS guide to learn more.

You can find out exactly when The First Descendant game will be available to pre-load and play by checking out our handy guide. We’ve also taken a look at The First Descendant system requirements so you can make sure your gaming PC or laptop is ready.