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The First Descendant Ultimate Descendants explained

We explain what Ultimate Descendants are, and what they bring to your roster in The First Descendant to aid your fight against the Vulgus.

The First Descendant Ultimate Descendants: a person wearing armor in the style of a rabbit runs from left to right.

What are Ultimate Descendants? Although The First Descendant gives you a healthy amount of choice when it comes to which characters you have at your disposal, you’ll eventually realize that not all Descendants are made equal. Some variations of these characters are just plain better, not only in how they play, but (in our opinion) how they look, too.

We played The First Descendant at SGF and quite enjoyed it – it’s unashamed fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you get to shoot big guns. There are plenty of options at your fingertips when you begin playing, with three characters to choose from initially, and a host of others to unlock along the way. With The First Descendant release date approaching fast, we have information on Ultimate Descendants, and why you should be grinding to add one to your pool.

The First Descendant Ultimate Descendants: a person wearing a robotic rabbit armor set runs away from an explosion.

What are Ultimate Descendants?

Ultimate Descendants are powerful variations of regular characters. They not only offer a distinct armored look but their stats are increased in comparison with the original Descendant. This could come in the form of a larger blast radius, more damage when using a particular ability, or even long durations on your crowd-control powers. Ultimate Descendants can be acquired by following a mission granted to you in the beta – it involves a lot of grinding, but we think it’s worth it.

Here is every Ultimate Descendant in The First Descendant:

  • Ultimate Lepic
  • Ultimate Viessa
  • Ultimate Ajax
  • Ultimate Bunny
  • Ultimate Gley

The differences between the regular and Ultimate Descendants may be fairly straightforward, but you’ll be glad of the extra offensive firepower when it comes to defeating the toughest bosses the MMORPG game has to offer. If you’ve yet to jump in, but want to, check out how to get into The First Descendant beta, as well as The First Descendant system requirements to determine if your rig is up to the task.