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The First Descendant voice actors and cast

Packed with a wide variety of voiceover talent, The First Descendant Cast features a numerous voice actors many fans will be familiar with.

Viessa, Lepic, Ajax, and Bunny in The First Descendant

Who are The First Descendant voice actors? Those who’ve already jumped into Nexon’s third-person looter shooter may have heard some familiar voices from other games and media. Even amongst the game’s lesser-known actors, the English cast in The First Descendant is well-rounded with experienced voiceover professionals.

Amongst the many other high-profile multiplayer games on PC, The First Descendant has stood out with the high production quality put into both its graphics and performance. While you’re checking out the latest The First Descendant codes and The First Descendant Twitch drops for free rewards, here is everything to know about the Nexon game’s cast.

Ajax & Bunny in The First Descendant, whose voice actors are Doug Cockle and Rebecca LaChance

All The First Descendant voice actors

Here is the full list of The First Descendant voice actors:

  • Ajax – Doug Cockle
  • Lepic, Soldier Cody – David Menkin
  • Viessa – Maria Louis
  • Bunny – Rebecca LaChance
  • Alpha, Commander Owens – Nicolas Colicos
  • Guide – Tracy Wiles
  • Siena, Ember – Alix Wilton Regan
  • Freyna – Sharlit Deyzac
  • Gley – Laurence Bouvard
  • Esiemo, Cayden – Shenoah Allen
  • Anais, Agonia – Sarah Borges
  • Annie – Safiyya Ingar
  • Blair, Bins – Josh Cowdery
  • Captain Harris – Bryony Corrigon – Matt McCooey
  • Deslin, Dreadful Creep, Soldier Graham – Alec Newman
  • Dominic, No.11 – Hannah Morrish
  • Dr. Kate – Stephanie Cannon
  • Eckert, Scout – George Naylor
  • Enzo, Ash, Soldier – Shai Matheson
  • Faithful Petty Mutant – Jonathan Keeble
  • Goroth, Alzaroke, Greg, Karel – Ed Dogliani
  • Gruncah, Karon, Soldier2, Archaeologist – Alexander Cobb
  • Hailey – Alexandra Guelff
  • Harvey – Ronan Summers
  • Jayber, Man With Crush, Bard – Joshua Wichard
  • Jeremy – Ryan Forde Iosco
  • Kyle – Matt Rippy
  • Ledras, Amon, Khulan, Gramoth – Simon Gregor
  • Luna – Rebecca Hanssen
  • Marcus, Denis, Riven – Abubakar Salim
  • Muke – Boris Hiestand
  • Nell, Lady Alice, Storyteller – Naomi McDonald
  • No.17 – Jack Myers
  • O’Neal – Baxter Gaston
  • Reina – Rachel Handshaw
  • Ryan – Akie Kotabe
  • Sam, No.14 – Zachary Fall
  • Scarlett, Magister – Arina Ii
  • Seneca, Hunter – Grahame Fox
  • Seudo, Sigvore, Albion Soldier – Andres Williams
  • Sharen – Natalie Simpson
  • Tistruin, Bhegze, Plodia, Neuron – Alan McKenna
  • Valby, Soldier Hilda – Kaja Chan
  • Yujin, Young Supply Soldier – Chan Woo Lim
  • Zachary – Scott Arthur

Ajax in The First Descendant, who is voiced by Doug Cockle


Doug Cockle is one of the biggest names amongst The First Descendant voice actors – with the same voice he used as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher games being immediately recognizable.

Those grisly-but-lovable vocals of his have been heard in all manner of big gaming titles over the years. Most recently, those include Robert Nightingale in Alan Wake 2, Bhall in Baldur’s Gate 3, and Bile in Payday 3.

Lepic in The First Descendant, whose voice actor is David Menkin


As well as being Lepic’s and Solider Cody’s voice actor in The First Descendant, David Menkin has been a part of a plethora of animation and gaming titles over the years since starting in 2001.

Getting to play Luke Skywalker in  Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Menkin will be especially remembered in Final Fantasy 16 as Barnabas Tharmr – the antagonist Dominant of Odin and king of Waloed.

Viessa in The First Descendant


Voicing the third of the starting Descendants, Maria Louis has brought 12 years of voiceover experience in TV and games before her role as Viessa.

Following her most prominent TV role in British series EastEnders, Louis joined the world of gaming by lending her voice to unspecified characters to Cyberpunk 2077, its Phantom Liberty expansion, and Desta: The Memories Between as Miss Kowalski.

Bunny in The First Descendant


Rebecca LaChance playing Bunny quickly helped her become a fan-favorite character thanks to the colorful energy conveyed in her performance.

Given the wide range of games she’s been in so far, this comes as no surprise. As well as being the English voice of Sena in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, LaChance has also had roles in Horizon Forbidden West, played Pearl in Payday 3, and was even Nepheim in Outcast: A New Beginning.

Alpha in The First Descendant, whose voice actor is Nicholas Colicos

Alpha, Commander Owens

With over 30 years of acting experience in TV, film, and video games, you’ve likely heard Nicholas Colicos before first meeting Alpha and Commander Owens.

Known for small roles in Kingsman: The Golden Circle (“Very Drunk Redneck”) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (“Paul at Metro Sports Club”, you might also recognize him in his gaming voiceover roles like Hazo in Outcast: A New Beginning and Stannif in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country.

The Guide in The First Descendant


After 29 years in stage and radio as well as TV & film, Tracy Wiles brings her veteran skillset to The First Descendant as the voice actor for the Guide.

Like her colleagues on this list, Wiles is no stranger to video games though. Along with Baldur’s Gate 3 as Jaheira, she can also be heard as various voices in Diablo 4, Pillars of Eternity 2, and the first two. Divinity: Original Sin games.

Siena in The First Descendant

Siena, Ember

On the acting scene since 2003, Alix Wilton Regan has truly made a name for herself in the gaming industry before becoming Siena and Ember’s voice actor in The First Descendant.

Especially being known for playing the role of Calista in The Last Story, Regan is also easily remembered as the female Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect 3, and Aya in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Freyna in The First Descendant, whose voice actor is Sharlit Deyzac


Xenoblade fans are really in for a treat with the number of its series cast being in The First Descendant too. Before becoming Freyna, Sharlit Deyzac was also the voice actor for Alexandria in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

She’s been making her way in the gaming industry by being in a good number of titles in the last few years too – including Junon in The Wreck, Veronica in Jenny LeClue – Detectivu, and General Helena Tarsis in Anthem.

Gley in The First Descendant


With 89 credits in TV, gaming, and podcasts to her name since 1985, it’s no wonder Laurence Bouvard secured her role as Gley’s voice actor.

Known most prominently for her lead role in the animated series Robotboy, Joanna Dark in Perfect Dark Zero, and various voices in The Sandman, her performance as Gley will certainly make an impression as more play the game.

Esiemo in The First Descendant, whose voice actor is Shenoah Allen

Esiemo, Cayden

Active since 2004, Shenoah Allen has built up a solid track record of acting credits before taking on the roles of Esiemo and Cayden.

From playing Agent Phil Coulson in  Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 to appearing in Breaking Bad, Urban Myths, and Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Allen will surely make the most of his experience to be a strong performing Descendant amongst the cast.

Now you know its full cast of voice actors, find out how to unlock more of The First Descendant characters. For more to play, check out the other upcoming games you can expect to play in 2024.