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How to get Caliber in The First Descendent

Caliber is the premium currency in The Descendant to unlock cosmetics for your character & weapons, but there's only one way to get more.

The Descendant Instructor, who you can spend Caliber on for The First Descendant cosmetics

How do you get Caliber in The First Descendant? Nexon’s third-person co-op shooter has finally seen its full release out of beta, but Caliber – The First Descendant’s premium currency – can only be obtained in a certain way.

Like Destiny 2, XDefiant, and other FPS games, The First Descendant incorporates premium currency like this to incentivize players with being able to get the game’s battle pass along with other bonuses. If you want to customize your appearance to stand out amongst players you might meet over The First Descendant crossplay, you might want to try to gather as much extra Caliber as you can. Speaking of playing the game on other platforms over crossplay, you might want to check whether The First Descendant is Steam Deck compatible so you can play on the go too.

The First Descendant in-game store to get more Caliber

How to get more Caliber in The First Descendant

Currently, the only way to get more Caliber in The First Descendant is by purchasing it with real money in the in-game shop via the store belonging to what platform you’re playing on.

For example, if you’re playing the PC version of the game, you can purchase varying amounts from 250 to 5750 Caliber for prices ranging from $4.99/£3.99 to $99.99/£79.99 respectively.

To spend your Caliber on cosmetics, you’ll need to talk to the Descendant Instructor in Albion. There, you’ll be able to purchase Descendant skins, Full Body skins, Paint, and Weapon Skins.

In the case of The First Descendant’s Battle Pass, you’ll be able to purchase the premium tier for 500 Caliber – the closest buyable amount in the stores being 520 at the price of $9.99. With it, the Battle Pass offers 96 rewards including weapons, skins, and emotes. Any First Descendant players who get the Premium Upgrade on the Battle Pass will instantly unlock Sigvore’s Proof – an Ultimate-level launcher weapon.

If you didn’t receive bought Caliber

There have been reports from The First Descendant players that the Caliber they’ve bought at their platform’s store hasn’t been showing up in the game – due to a launching error likely stemmed from the game seeing so many new players all at once.

However, the developer has expressed awareness of the issue both on their Discord and X (formerly Twitter), saying it is working on a fix for the issue. In the meantime though, those who have bought Caliber should have it pop up in their The First Descendant account eventually; there will just likely be a delay in its delivery.

Now that you know how to get more Caliber, take a look at our The First Descendant guide filled with tips for newcomers. Alternatively, take a look at The First Descendant system requirements first just to make sure your PC is capable of running it.