The Flame in the Flood illustrates the perils of survival at sea

The Flame in the Flood rafting

Getting around The Flame in the Flood’s “backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America” requires a fair amount of river raft rambling, it seems. Survival ain’t restricted to landlubbing, you see, and the following ‘Rafting Tips’ video guide aims to explain how you’ll best sort your sea legs into action.

Jeremy’s The Flame in The Flood Making it in Unreal entry shares some lovely insights into how it was made.

Earlier this week, we shared The Flame in the Flood’s most recent video guides that stressed the importance of survival logic. Now, that’s all very well and good on dry land, but when it comes to surviving at sea – or on the river, rather – things seem to become a bit more of a gamble.

What we can glean from that, then, is that the game’s procedural river doesn’t play fair – even in the face of your best crafting and upgrading efforts. Preparation goes a long way, sure, but failing to think on your feet or a wrongly executed move looks like it could be devastating, as you’re sent spiraling with more twists, turns, bumps and bashes than a Disney World water flume.

If you thought the wolves and bears and boars and snakes were a handful, I’m not sure rolling down the river is much safer.

The Molasses Flood are a team of ex-Irrational, Harmonix and Bungie developers and this marks their first project as a team. The Flame and the Flood currently lives on Early Access, however is set to release in full next week on February 24.