Cloudhead Games think they’ve found the solution to VR nausea

Blink VR

Since nobody wants to carry a sick bag around with them as they explore VR worlds, Cloudhead Games have been developing a system that promises to make nausea obsolete. 

Blink VR Locomotion takes into account spatial awareness, balance and the space you’re actually playing in, be it at your desk or in an open room dedicated to mucking around in VR games.

You can see how it works in the video below.

Blink will be used in Cloudhead’s upcoming episodic game, The Gallery: Call of the Starseed, which is launching on the Vive this year. It eventually make its way to the Rift as well.

I haven’t been able to use a VR headset for long enough to experience nausea, because my glasses fog up and I’m unable to see a thing. Maybe I just need to stop putting on headsets in hot rooms full of sweaty gamers.

Have any of you lovely lot been victims of nausea while a VR device is strapped to your beautiful faces?