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Van Helsing 3 trailer shows off Bounty Hunter and Constructor classes, game releases May 22

A rain of missiles targets a monster

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 was a very pleasant surprise when I took a look at it last year. It seemed like developer Neocore had finally found the perfect place to play to their strengths with the stylish action RPG. Now, they’re on the verge of releasing the third instalment of the series, and the latest trailer shows off what’s new.

Van Helsing is another action RPG series that sort of looks at where Diablo 3 went, and bolts off in the other direction. It’s a divisive decision, but it does make the series a nice option for a certain kind of action RPG fan. The fantastical Gothic setting also lets Neocore show off its considerable artistic chops.

The new trailer shows how two new classes change up the gameplay in Van Helsing 3.

The Constructor class seems particularly interesting. A bit like a mechanical take on the Necromancer, with the reliance on minions, but with a healthy dose of classic engineer gameplay as well. Doesn’t seem like a class I’d start with, but probably something I’d try on a second playthrough.