The Journey Down: Chapter 3 hits Kickstarter goal


Afro-noir adventure game The Journey Down will get a thrid chapter thanks to another Kickstarter success. The game has managed to hit its funding target with 14 days still left to go on its Kickstarter campaign

Our Fraser reviewed The Journey Down: Chapter Two, and he really liked it.

“The Journey Down: Chapter Two was worth the two year wait,” wrote Fraser in our review. “It’s comfortingly traditional if you pine for the old days, but not laden down with overly elaborate multi-layered puzzles that’ll keep you bashing your head against the wall for hours. It’s an adventure game for the times where you want to just relax, and maybe feel a little cleverer than you really are. Here’s to hoping we’re not looking at another long wait for the finale.”

It’s been just over a year since Fraser wrote those words and I can’t see it coming any time soon, so it looks like it’s another painful wait for series fans. At least now they know they’ll be getting it, at least.

Now SkyGoblin are looking for that bit more to hit their next stretch goal which aims to bring top quality music to the game. Check out the video:

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