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Free Steam keys: Win the new momentum-based gliding game The King’s Bird!

Win a Steam key for new precision platformer The King's Bird and find freedom in its momentum-based gliding

The King's Bird

Finding out that The King’s Bird, the new game from developer Serenity Forge, is a precision platformer might make you grit your teeth. But you needn’t do that.

Sure, the precision platformer has a long history of making people throw gamepads across rooms and hurl them into televisions. And yes, they can be frustrating experiences because they demand so much skill to be channelled through your thumbs. We’re still cooling down from failing a Super Meat Boy level a million times over several years ago – we know that pain.

But The King’s Bird is different. Gravity is usually your biggest enemy in precision platformers (ignoring spikes, crumbling floors, and buzz saws) but that isn’t so much the case here – this is a game in which you can fly. Yes, flight, just picture it: the freedom to fly as a bird across the sky. That’s what the protagonist of The King’s Bird discovers upon finding a world kept secret by a tyrant. There, she can fly and figure out her true self, expressing her newfound freedom.

But, oh, it won’t be all that easy. This is a precision platformer after all, which means The King’s Bird will have plenty of challenge to throw at you alongside its beauty. This comes in the form of its momentum-based gliding mechanic.

Flight isn’t as simple as pressing a button, unfortunately – it requires you to have some mastery of the level layout, moving between platforms and through gaps without too much of a hiccup. But, man, if you can nail it you should feel fantastic.

The reason we’re telling you all about The King’s Bird isn’t simply to encourage you to lust after it. We actually have 15 Steam keys that will unlock the full game for you.

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The King’s Bird giveaway

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