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Here’s the best deal to buy The Last of Us PC

The Last of Us PC release date is right around the corner, so we’re bringing you the best deal for buying the Naughty Dog survival game on Steam.

Here’s the best deal to buy The Last of Us PC: A young girl with an injured face, Ellie from The Last of Us

If you want to find the best deal for The Last of Us PC, and you’re tired of scouring Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG, then look no further. As we draw closer to The Last of Us PC release date and the Naughty Dog survival game prepares to wow players all over again, we’ve found a tidy TLOU discount that you can claim and pre-order right now.

The Last of Us PC release is currently $59.99 USD (£49.99 GBP) on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but if you head over to Fanatical you can get it at a 10% discount – with the purchase linking to a Steam copy of the game.

This means that The Last of US PC port can be purchased for $53.99 USD (£44.99 GBP) ahead of release this month.

This standard version grants you bonus supplements and weapon parts that can be used for increasing your max health, boosting your crafting speed, and upgrading your guns. Most of this gear can be found while playing through the game, but having it from the very beginning gives you a good leg up for the brutal horror game experience that lies ahead.

You can also head to Fanatical to get a 10% discount on the ‘Digital Deluxe’ version of The Last of Us PC. Typically $69.99 USD (£59.99 GBP), the Deluxe version of The Last of Us PC is up for grabs at $62.99 USD (£53.99 GBP).

Not only does this include a variety of weapon modifications available right from the start, like increased reload speed for the pistol and a bigger magazine capacity for the rifle, but you’ll also get additional weapon skins and the exclusive ‘Dither-Punk’ colour filter, which reshades The Last of Us into a suitably maudlin grey-green.

Here’s the best deal to buy The Last of Us PC: A man crouches and stalks a zombie enemy in Naughty Dog survival game The Last of Us

The Digital Deluxe version also ships with the Left Behind prequel DLC included, so you can play through the entire Last of Us Part 1 saga from launch day.

Fanatical says the “product will be delivered on or before the release date,” but it won’t be playable until it actually unlocks on Steam. There’s currently no word on whether the PC version can be pre-loaded ahead of time, but it’s recommended you reserve around 100GB of hard-drive space, for what is likely to be a sizeable installation.

You can find The Last of US PC’s cheaper Steam code over on Fanatical right now.

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