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What time will The Last of Us PC release? Preloads explained

With The Last of Us release date here, you're likely asking yourself what time will The Last of Us PC release, as Steam preloads for the survival game go live.

What time will The Last of Us PC release? Preloads explained: A young woman, Ellie from The Last of Us, looks on in anticipation

As of right now, The Last of Us PC preloads have begun for the survival game on Steam, meaning you can get the port uploaded onto your PC in advance. With The Last of Us PC release date right around the corner, you’ll also want to know ‘what time will The Last of Us PC release?’ Whether you’re buying Naughty Dog’s latest from Valve’s storefront or the Epic Games Store, we’ve got all you need to know.

Based on its Steam listing, The Last of Us PC release time is March 28 8am PST/10am EST/4pm GMT, or March 29 2am AEDT. Though a specific release time is not listed on TLOU’s Epic Games Store page, you can expect it to launch alongside the Steam version.

According to the Steam forums for The Last of Us PC, as of March 26 you can preload the game if you’ve already purchased it on the platform. You should just see a blue button with the word “preload” on it in place of where the download would be.

There seems to be a bit of confusion with preloads though, as for some Steam is saying you can download and play the 100GB-plus game right now (you can’t, sorry). Nevertheless if you’re internet isn’t that fast (and even if it is, let’s be honest) getting this preload in will be a massive help.

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Beware that, if you’re waiting for a code, like if you’ve pre-ordered the Firefly Edition or haven’t used Steam directly, you can’t preload until your code arrives.

If you’re yet to buy the game we have the best deal to buy The Last of Us PC right now, and you can even find out if The Last of Us is Steam Deck compatible.

In the meantime, we’ve got The Last of Us system requirements so you can make sure your rig is up to the challenge, alongside a series of guides like The Last of Us safe codes and The Last of Us Firefly pendant locations, to save you any trouble.