The Legends is Entourage, but with a fictional League of Legends team

The Legends

We’ve got a Dota 2 documentary, a Street Fighter pro documentary, even a visual novel following a StarCraft 2 pro, so I guess it was only a matter of time until someone pitched a scripted series based around professional gamers. And it’s happened. 

The Legends is an in-development eight part series, a comedy, specifically, following a fictional League of Legends team which Bryce, the series’ protagonist, joins along with his best bud, Marcus.

“Think if Silicon Valley and Entourage got together and produced an offspring, then raised it in the world of eSports. That is the best way to describe our show,” says executive producer and co-creator Mo Darwiche.

I reckon the world could probably do without more Entourage, but since Silicon Valley is one of the best sitcoms of the last couple of years, maybe it will be balanced out.

The series isn’t a sure thing, however. The show’s developers are looking for $150,000 on Indiegogo. After five days, $28,166 has been raised by 50 backers, and the campaign will run for another 29 days.