Pewter Games’ The Little Acre is now available on Steam and GOG

The Little Acre

Initially scheduled for a November 22 release, Pewter Games’ point and click adventure game titled The Little Acre, is now available for purchase on Steam and GOG. With famed Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil acting as the game’s executive producer, this family friendly tale of travelling to different worlds seems like the perfect thing to play with a young one this Christmas.

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Set in the Irish countryside, The Little Acre sees protagonist Lily chasing after her missing father, who goes astray while searching for his own dad. With the help of her Irish wolfhound and eventually, her mother by the looks of the launch trailer, the whole family must reunite with each other and return home together.

By the sounds of initial reviews, The Little Acre is quite short and pretty easy, with there being a Steam achievement for completing the game in under an hour. However, based on the lovely hand-drawn visuals, soothing voice acting and pleasant story about travelling to another world, this seems to the videogame equivalent of having your parents read you a bedtime story.

The Little Acre is currently 15% off on both Steam and GOG, going for $11.04 on both platforms, with Steam’s discount lasting until December 20, while GOG’s lasts until December 26. Watch the trailer above to see if this otherwordly family adventure is your cup of tea.

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