The Long Dark gets bigger, again, and wolves can be scared off

The Long Dark update

My very first game of The Long Dark ended in the jaws of a wolf. There I was, minding my own business, rummaging through a first aid box, and bang. The wolf leaps out of the shadows and starts chewing my face off. But in v.192, wolves might not be as big of a problem. 

Torches! Those mangey beasties hate fire, and waving a torch at them will make them think twice about their dinner plans. The world’s bigger now, too. A new region’s been added, a 10 square kilometer valley for you to explore. Take a gander below to see all the changes. 

Major additions

  • New Region! Pleasant Valley. Nearly 10 square kilometres of rural mountain valley.
  • New Mystery Wildlife! Keep your eyes open.
  • Harvestable Plants. Collect Old Man’s Beard Lichen, Rose Hips, and Reishi Mushrooms and craft natural remedies.
  • Torch Brandishing. Craft Torches and Brandish them against Wolves. You might scare them off!
  • Visual Inventory. Completely redone Inventory screen with improved navigation and embedded Repair and Harvesting actions.

General improvements

  • General improvements to wildlife AI, to support better player decision-making about Fight or Flight response and clarify wildlife presence and intent.
  • Predators are now attracted to the smell of Blood (bleeding wounds, raw meat, etc.) and will come investigate if within range.
  • Scent is now affected by Wind speed and direction.
  • All Beds now have a Warmth value displayed in the Rest interface.
  • Bedrolls now lose Condition and must be maintained. It’s possible to find multiple Bedrolls in the world.
  • All fires now visualize their state (ignition, full burn, cooling off, coals) through flame, sparks, and smoke. Smoke also respects wind direction.
  • Various new sounds, and many previous sounds have been replaced based on a new foley recording session.
  • Many UI improvements throughout.
  • Updated Silent Hunter and Pacifist achievements to clarify they need to happen in the first days of a game (not after many days have already passed).
  • German and Russian translations have been fully updated.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Exploration achievement
  • Achievements are not sent to Steam if player is dead.
  • Fixed key binding issue with AltFire.
  • Fixed discrepancy between time survived and time of day.
  • Fixed scroll wheel issue on right side of container screen.
  • Fixed issue when dying during a load scene fade
  • Fixed issue with failing to Transfer All showing incorrect info on screen afterwards.
  • Fixed issue with fishing huts sometimes not blocking wind
  • Fixed issue with phone wires dropping at game start (physics)
  • Fixed inaccessible Prepper Hatch bug
  • Fixed issue where First Aid items were disabled if used, then use was cancelled, then the item was dropped
  • Fixed issue where Log could show incorrect days in a new session after dying.
  • Fixed errors in Calorie Burn amounts being displayed for Resting, Foraging, Ice Fishing and Harvesting
  • Increased navmesh accuracy to address a variety of pathfinding issues
  • Fixed issue with dropped items sometimes being inaccessible
  • Fixed issue with campfire disappearing if cancelling out of creating a fire in a stove.
  • Display correct Calorie Burn on the UI for activities when in Pilgrim and Stalker modes