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The Long Dark update doubles world size with new Coastal Highway

the long dark update coastal highway

The Long Dark just added a long road which made the game twice as large (and twice as long). The new Coastal Highway area’s not the only thing to come in the v.152 update, there’s also been changes to starvation, wolves will hunt you more the closer you are to death, and there are now rabbits.

Cute little rabbits you can devour.

While the new section is now playable Hinterland say it’s far from complete, “the availability of Supplies, the distribution and density of wildlife, distances between shelters, etc. are constantly being refined.” This will largely be decided based on feedback from the Early Access players.

It’s not just the new section that will be adjusted because this large new landmass affects the entire game. “The game is now being tuned around a larger Sandbox experience -- this means that some Regions might be more suitable for certain activities, and Supply distribution is more regionalized.”

One of the most chilling changes in this update is all the changes to fatigue and the effect this has on The Long Dark’s residents. You can now suffer from long term starvation, meaning the longer you go hungry the faster you become exhausted. Eating a fistful of food won’t immediately undo these effects, instead you must keep yourself well fed for a long period of time for your fatigue levels to return to normal.

It’s also going to be harder to rest up. Wherever you lay your head, whether it’s a bed in a house or out in the forest, sleep can be interrupted. The frequency of this will be affected by the location of the bed.

Fatigue now ties into how much you can carry, too. So if you’re starving and tired you’ll have to drop equipment to keep moving.

And, because wolves can now sense when you’re weak and will become more aggressive to match, you’ll want to be moving a lot more.

Wildlife’s getting a good doing over in this update, too. So where animals spawn will change dynamically, meaning if you stay in one area for too long hunting the rabbit population you’ll need to move on as their numbers deplete.

The full change list can be found on the next page.

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